Carboxymethyl cellulose CMC-Synthetic detergent

Carboxymethyl cellulose CMC-Synthetic detergent

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Carboxymethylation reaction is one of etherification technologies. After Carboxymethylation of cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is obtained. Its aqueous solution has the functions of thickening, film-forming, bonding, water retention, colloidal protection, emulsification and suspension. It is widely used in petroleum, food, medicine, textile and papermaking industries. It is one of the most important cellulose ethers.With our long-term expertise in chemical products trading, do we provide you with professional advice on products and tailored solutions for your specific purpose. We are happy to help you choose the materials suitable for you.Just click to find the applications in your industry: CMC in food, petroleum, printing and dyeing, ceramics, toothpaste, floating beneficiation, battery, coating, putty powder and papermaking.

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Washing grade CMC model: XD, XVD
CMC is a surfactant with hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups. It is an efficient anti reabsorbent. CMC has good thickening, dispersing and emulsifying effects after dissolving in water. It can adsorb around the oil particles, wrap the oil, suspend and disperse the oil in water, and form a hydrophilic film on the surface of the washed articles, so as to prevent the oil from contacting directly with the washed articles. Especially when there are active substances in detergent, the adsorption capacity of CMC is more. CMC has a large number of negative charges and generates electrostatic repulsion force, which makes the oily particles well suspended and dispersed in the water. Compared with CMS, gum, polyvinylpyrrolidone and other anti reabsorbents, it has high cost performance.

CMC Has Excellent Performance In Detergent Application

1. High and uniform degree of substitution and good transparency;
2. Good dispersibility in water and good re adsorption resistance;
3. Ultra high viscosity, good stability, excellent thickening and emulsification.

Detail Parameters

Addition amount (%)

XD 0.5-2.5%
XVD 0.5-1.5%
If you need to customize, you can provide detailed formula and process.


Color white white
water content 10.0% 10.0%
PH 8.0-11.0 6.5-8.5
Degree of substitution 0.5 0.8
Purity 50% 80%
Viscosity (b) 1% aqueous solution 5-600mPas 600-5000mPas

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