Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) Shuangxin

Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) Shuangxin

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Polyvinyl alcohol is an organic compound with the chemical formula of [C2H4O] n. its appearance is white flake, flocculent or powdery solid and tasteless. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in dimethyl sulfoxide, insoluble in gasoline, kerosene, vegetable oil, benzene, toluene, dichloroethane, carbon tetrachloride, acetone, ethyl acetate, methanol, ethylene glycol, etc. Polyvinyl alcohol is an important chemical raw material, which is used to manufacture polyvinyl acetal, gasoline resistant pipeline and vinylon, fabric treatment agent, emulsifier, paper coating, adhesive, glue, etc.

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The appearance of PVA is white or yellowish particles or powder. It is a widely used water-soluble environmental friendly polymer. Its performance is between plastic and rubber. It has good water solubility, adhesion, film flexibility, smoothness, oil resistance, solvent resistance, colloidal protection, gas resistance, wear resistance and thermal stability.

PVA17-88 Scope of Application

1. Film processing industry
2. Paper processing industry
3. Adhesive industry
4. Additives for building materials
5. Stabilizer industry
6. Plastic molding industry

PVA20-88 Scope of Application

1. Fiber processing industry: short fiber yarn, long yarn and post-processing.
2. Film processing industry: using different processes to produce water-soluble films and other fields.
3. Coating mold industry: base cloth shaping and strengthening and other fields.
4. Paper processing industry:Indicates sizing and other fields.
5. Adhesive industry: re wet bonding and other fields.
6. stabilizer industry: vinyl acetate lotion polymerization.
7. Others: cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, additives for building materials, temporary protective films and other fields.

PVA24-88 Scope of Application

1.Powder chemical building materials
3.Fiber processing industry

4.Polymerization dispersant

PVA17-99 Scope of Application

1.The solution prepared by the product can be used as the thickener and anti-flow agent of the emulsion.
2.For paper surface sizing can improve paper strength and ink absorption.
3.The crosslinking performance of the product can be used to prepare various water-resistant adhesives.
4.For the production of paper and building glue.
5.For the production of polyvinyl alcohol fiber, water-soluble fiber.
6.Fiber paste: the film has good forming performance, soft and strong tensile resistance and elasticity, but also has the characteristics of friction resistance, implication, smoothness and good feather effect. And compared with starch pulp, there is no need to worry about spoilage and mildew.

PVA2099-99 Scope of Application

1. Adhesives and adhesives: used for office paste, rewetting paste, paper tube, paper bag, carton, glued paperboard, glued wood board, non-woven fabric, etc. It is used for building materials, iron, acid salt, ceramics, pottery, ink, paint glue, paint glue, cement mixture for concrete strengthening, etc.
2.Fiber size: good film forming performance, soft and strong tension resistance and elasticity. It also has the characteristics of friction resistance, involvement, smoothness and good feather effect. And compared with starch size, there is no need to worry about corruption and deterioration, and mildew rarely occurs.
3.Paper industry: it can be used for surface coating and polishing, which can significantly improve the ester resistance, solvent resistance and water resistance, and produce higher fabric strength. It can also be used as adhesive in coating system and carrier of optical polishing agent.
4. Polymerization agent: used as an effective dispersant or stabilizer. They are mainly used as protective colloids and can enhance emulsification at very low concentrations.
5. Polyvinyl alcohol can play a role in many other industrial applications, such as ceramics, water-soluble films, peelable coatings and temporary adhesives for non-woven products. These products can also be used in various building materials, such as putty and plaster.

PVA2499-99 Scope of Application

1. Used in warp sizing, fabric finishing agent and vinylon fiber raw materials in textile industry.
2. Construction and decoration industry: construction glue, interior and exterior wall coating, adhesive.
3. It is used as polymerization emulsifier, dispersant and polyvinyl formal, acetaldehyde and butyraldehyde resin in chemical industry.
4. Paper industry is used as paper adhesive.
5. In agriculture, it is used as soil conditioner, pesticide adhesion synergist and polyvinyl alcohol film.
6. Other aspects can also be used in daily cosmetics and high-frequency quenchants.

PVA2699-99 Scope of Application

1.Adhesive industry: paper and paper tube bonding.
2.Construction industry: acetalization products are used for construction glue, interior and exterior wall coatings and adhesives.
3. Ceramic industry: aluminum ball binder, ceramic binder, etc.
4. Stabilizer industry: vinyl acetate emulsion polymerization and urea formaldehyde adhesive lotion stability.

Detail Parameters

PVA Shuangxin index

Name Alcoholysis degree(mol %) Viscosity(mPa.s) Volatile consituent(%) Purity(%) PH Ash (%)
17-88 86.0-90.0 19.5-32.0 5.0 93.5 5-7 0.5
20-88 86.0-90.0 28.0-43.0 5.0 93.5 5-7 0.5
24-88 86.0-90.0 43.0-65.0 5.0 93.5 5-7 0.5
17-99 98.0-100 21.0-33.0 5.0 93.5 5-7 0.7
20-99 98.0-100 45.0-58.0 5.0 93.5 5-7 0.7
24-99 98.0-100 66.0-83.0 5.0 93.5 5-7 0.7
26-99 98.0-100 76.0-85.0 5.0 93.5 5-7 0.7

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