Carboxymethyl cellulose CMC-Papermaking grade

Carboxymethyl cellulose CMC-Papermaking grade

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Carboxymethylation reaction is one of etherification technologies. After Carboxymethylation of cellulose, carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is obtained. Its aqueous solution has the functions of thickening, film-forming, bonding, water retention, colloidal protection, emulsification and suspension. It is widely used in petroleum, food, medicine, textile and papermaking industries. It is one of the most important cellulose ethers.With our long-term expertise in chemical products trading, do we provide you with professional advice on products and tailored solutions for your specific purpose. We are happy to help you choose the materials suitable for you.Just click to find the applications in your industry: CMC in food, petroleum, printing and dyeing, ceramics, toothpaste, floating beneficiation, battery, coating, putty powder and papermaking.

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Paper grade CMC model: NX-1/3/5 , NX-10/30/100, NX-150/300/700
CMC is a good coating additive, which can improve the leveling property of coatings, and has excellent adhesion and film-forming property. It is suitable for high solid content coatings and high-speed coating.
CMC is used for surface sizing, which can effectively improve the smoothness, strength and air permeability of paper and obtain good printability.
CMC is applied to the wet end of the paper machine as a dispersant and retention enhancer to improve the uniformity and strength of the paper, improve the retention of the system, and provide a certain degree of sizing.

CMC-Application In Paper Industry

1、The main role of CMC in pigment coating
- Control and adjust the rheology of the coating and the dispersion of the pigment to improve the solid content of the coating;
- Make the coating have pseudoplasticity and improve the coating speed;
- Enhance the water retention of the coating and prevent the migration of water-soluble adhesive;
- It has good film-forming property and improves the gloss of the coating;
- Improve the retention rate of brightener in coating and improve the whiteness of paper;
- Improve the lubrication performance of the coating, improve the coating quality and prolong the service life of the scraper.
2. The main role of CMC in adding slurry
- Improve the pulp efficiency, promote fiber refinement, shorten the beating time;
- Adjust the pulp potential, evenly disperse the fiber, improve the paper machine "copying performance", further improve the page forming;
- Improve the retention rate of various additives, fillers and fine fibers;
- Increase the binding force between fibers, improve the physical properties of paper;
- Used with dry and wet strength agent, can improve the dry and wet strength of paper;
- Protect rosin, AKD and other sizing agents in pulp, enhance sizing effect.
3. Main role of CMC in surface sizing
- It has good rheology and film-forming property;
- Reduce paper pores and improve the oil resistance of the paper;
- Increase the brightness and gloss of the paper;
- Increase the stiffness and smoothness of the paper and control the curl;
- Improve the surface strength and wear resistance of the paper, reduce hair and powder loss, and improve the printing quality.

Detail Parameters

Addition amount (%)

NX-1/3/5 0.3-1.5%
NX-10/30/100 0.2-1.0%
NX-150/300/700 0.1-0.8%
If you need to customize, you can provide detailed formula and process.


  NX-1/3/5 NX-10/30/100 NX-150/300/700
colour Light yellow powder or particle Light yellow powder or particle Light yellow powder or particle
water content 10.0% 10.0% 10.0%
PH 6.0-8.5 6.0-8.5 6.0-8.5
Degree of substitution 0.8 0.8 0.8
sodium chloride 8% 8% 8%
Purity 80% 80% 90%
Viscosity (b) 1% aqueous solution 5-100mPas 100-2000mPas 2000-8000mPas

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