Vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer Lotion

Vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer Lotion

Short Description:

VAE lotion, that is, vinyl acetate and ethylene copolymer lotion, is a kind of adhesive with excellent performance, which is widely used in the fields of adhesives, coatings, cement modification, fabric and paper processing.

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VAE emulsion is short of vinyl acetate copolymer emulsion, it is the emulsion product which uses vinyl acetate monomer and ethylene monomer as raw material with the method of press copolymerization. The characteristics of the process is using outer loop to expose the heat of reaction, the polymer is fast, the capacity is large, the process of polymer is controlled by computer, the product quality is stable, low depletion, little pollution. The product is non-toxic, tasteless, it is environmental protection product which is recommended by the government.
VAE emulsion is a kind of milky liquid. Because of ethylene copolymerization monomer, VAE emulsion has the characteristic of inner plasticizing, and filming, weather resistance, adhesive, and compatible, weak acid and alkali resistance.

Adhesive basic material

VAE emulsion can be used as adhesive basic material, such as wood and wooden products, paper and paper products, package composite materials, plastics, structure.

Paint basic material

VAE emulsion can be used as inner wall paint, elasticity paint, waterproof paint of roof and groundwater, the basic material of fireproof and heat preservation paint, it also can be used as the basic material of the caulking of structure, sealing adhesive.

Paper sizing and glazing

VAE emulsion can sizing and glazing many kinds of paper, it is excellent material of producing many kinds of advanced paper.
VAE emulsion can be used as the basic material of no-woven adhesive.

Cement modifier

VAE emulsion can be mixed with cement mortal so that improving the property of the cement product.
VAE emulsion can be used as the adhesive, such as tufted carpet, needle carpet. weaving carpet, artificial fur, electrostatic flocking, high-level structure assemble carpet.

Product advantages and application scope

GW-705/GW-706: The common adhesive with high quality, excellent innitial adhesion, mechanical stability Widely used in paper product, wooden package, cement, cigarette.
GW-707/GW-707H: The biggest advantages is its good water resistance in the condition of the static load, it has excellent adhesive Widely used in paper product, package, coil adhesive, high-speed adhesive, water resistance coating.
GW-102/GW-102H: It has better adhesive. The compatibility of material is good Widely used in Shoes Adhesive, Clothes Adhesive, Wood, Paper Painting, Furnishing

Detail parameters

Product Name Solid Content %≥ PH Value Viscosity(25℃) Mpa.s Remain Vam %≤ Particle Size um≤ Dilution Stability %≤ Minimum film-forming Ethylene content %
temperature ℃
GW-705 54.4 4.0-6.0 1500-2500 0.5 2 3.5 0 16±2
GW-706 54.4 4.0-6.0 2500-3300 0.5 2 3.5 0 16±2
GW-707 54.4 4.0-6.0 500-1000 0.5 2 5 0 16±2
GW-707H 54.4 4.0-6.0 1000-1500 0.5 2 3.5 0 16±2
GW-102 55 4.0-6.5 3500-4000 0.5 0.2-2.0 3.5 16.5
GW-102H 55.5 4.0-6.5 4000-4500 0.5 0.2-2.0 3.5 17

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