For Our Clients

For Our Clients


You as a customer are our most valuable asset. Therefore, we attach great importance to a friendly and competent support for you as a partner. Our experienced team will be happy to provide you with detailed advice on all matters.

It is important to provide our customers with regular and qualitative material input. As an international trading company specialized chemical materials, we understand the needs of our global clients and provide competitive and transparent pricing to build lasting relationships.

On request, the company’s own laboratory determines the quality of the material and with our reliable logistics, you get your raw materials at the desired time, in your desired packaging .

Our Service



Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) ,polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), VAE lotion, redispersible latex powder (RDP),  carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), polyanion cellulose (PAC), PVC resin (PVC), etc

Competitiveness Strengthen Prices

Transparent and attractive prices to exploit the maximum trading potential.

Individual Packaging

In your desired packaging; custom packing, Big Bags or 25kg Sacks.

Flexible Logistics

Fast delivery right to the door or to the port of your desire. We cooperate with the market leaders in the field of logistics.

Service-Oriented Crew

Customer-oriented solutions for all your questions about our services and materials.

Detailed Analyzes

Quality determination of your desired Material Characteristics: Viscosity, Transparency ,Moisture content,ash content ,Density analyzes etc.